Glow Boy Corn Burning Freestanding Stove Black Door

NEW - Corn Burning Heater
Dansons listens to their customers! By popular demand, we have developed the industry\'s definitive corn burning stove.
Glow Boy Corn Burning Freestanding Stove Black Door
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NEW - Corn Burning Heater
We listens to their customers! By popular demand, we have developed the industry's definitive corn burning stove. For farmers who can grow a full crop of corn in just 13 weeks, this item is a smart choice for your heating needs. And as with all Dansons products, this stove burns wood pellets as well.


Fuel Capacity:
Burn Time: *
BTU/Hour: *
26 inches
24 inches
31.5 inches
225 pounds
120 lb hopper
22 to 60 hours
8000 to 42000


Our newest innovation: for $1 a day -- the going price of a half bushel of corn -- you could heat a typical single family home.


Q: I saw bags of  pellet fuel at The Renovation Store. Does it cost much to burn a pellet heater or corn stove? Can one heat my entire house?

A: Pellet heaters and corn stoves are ideal for homes. Pellets are made from "home-grown" recycled sawdust, so they are earth friendly. Corn stoves burn shelled corn that can be grown in a field in a matter of weeks, making them convenient and ideal for rural homes or shops.


Pellets also Available:  40 lbs Bags  

60 Bags / Skid / 1.2 Tons 

    10 Reasons to Buy a Wood Pellet Stove
  1. Comfort : Enjoy an even radiant heat
  2. Convenience : Forget refuelling every couple of hours! Tip the pellets into the stove, sit back and relax.
  3. Efficiency : Pellets boast the best fuel to heat ratio of any heating resource.
  4. Easy clean-up : The stove does it for you!
  5. Low maintenance : Enjoy the easy seasonal maintenance regimen
  6. Clean air : Protect your health. A wood stove maintains air quality inside and out.
  7. State-of-the-art design : Unique design technology for top efficiency and comfort.
  8. Best price for best quality : Products are manufactured to the highest industry standards.
  9. Choice : A wood stove for every budget. A style for every taste.

Dedicated customer service :We takes pride in providing customers individual attention


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