Stampable Overlay

Description BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay™ is a dry polymer-modified cementitious coating designed to add color and texture to existing concrete surfaces. This single component system is mixed on-site with water to create a new surface that will accept color and texture. It is easy to install and forms a tough, durable topping that will not delaminate. BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay has its own primer engineered to assist in material adhesion to the surface and help control hydration. This is a simple and proven system that may be used for interior or exterior applications.

BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay is suitable for overlay applications that require a layer of 1/4” to 1/2” in thickness. It can also be used in restoration, including the installation of fully bonded, thin-sectioned repairs on concrete slabs, driveways, paths, patios and steps. BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay must be used with BRICKFORM SO-Primer to achieve optimum adhesion to the concrete surface. BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay is packaged in a convenient 60-pound re-sealable, plastic pail. BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay will cover approximately 27 square feet per 60-pound bucket at 1/4” thickness for trowel applications. Broom applications will vary with thickness and texture. Product CANNOT be applied thinner than 1/4”. It will hydrate too quickly and shrinkage will occur.

Use BRICKFORM Overlay Texture Mats, BRICKFORM Color Hardener, BRICKFORM Liquid Release, BRICKFORM Freestyle, or BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain, to create texture and color on existing horizontal concrete surfaces. In addition, the topping should be sealed with a BRICKFORM Sealer.

• Creates A New 1/4”-1/2” Surface
• Can Be Textured & Colored
• Durable
• Has Its Own Primer
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