Inspire Roofing Products - Look of authentic slate

InSpire offers the industry’s widest color palette, including the only blended-color tiles on the market. The
proprietary manufacturing process ensures authentic texture for InSpire’s composite slate and correct weathering
for elegance over the deca




 \"logo_tagline.gif\"  The next generation of premium roofing products. It’s a perfect combination of the natural beauty found in slate along with the most technologically advanced methods and materials.

Multiple molds are used to create InSpire products with different edges and surfaces, giving the look of authentic slate. Strength and durability are achieved using an exclusive blend of virgin resins and natural limestone that has been compression-molded. The widest color options in the industry allow you to express your unique style. InSpire’s beauty, strength, durability and colors open a new world of innovation.

























InSpire products stand up to the toughest weather and the harshest conditions.
Either Class A or Class C Fire rating, Class 4 Hail, 110 MPH wind uplift ratings. Excellent weathering properties, just like natural slate. Impermeable to water, won’t lift, cup, warp, break or delaminate. Backed by a 50-year transferable limited warranty.

True to the environment.
100% recyclable blend of natural limestone and virgin resins.


The natural beauty of random textures and edges that is seen in authentic slate.

Color-through process.

It’s offered in the broadest color palette in the industry – 7 standard, 11 premium and 7 blends.


Color Palette:

Please note: Colors may differ from those represented on screen.

\"701 \"702 \"703 \"704
701 Stone Black 702 Dover Grey 703 Slate Grey 704 Pewter Grey
\"705 \"706 \"707  
705 Charcoal Grey 706 Plum 707 Emerald Green  
\"708 \"709 \"710 \"711
708 Terra Cotta 709 Brick Red 710 Red Clay 711 Red Cedar
\"712 \"713 \"714 \"715
712 Chestnut Brown 713 Summer Green 714 Moss Green 715 Forest Green
\"716 \"724 \"725  
716 Cedar Brown 724 Wheat 725 Sand  
\"717 \"718 \"719 \"720
717 Green/Black 718 Grey/Black 719 Green/Grey 720 Red/Black
\"721 \"722 \"723
721 Red/Grey 722 Red/Green 723 Plum/Green







\"Color \"Color \"Color





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Plaque - Pear Tree
363.07 USD
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