Powdered Integral Color

Colors19 Standard ColorsSizeBagWeight10 Lbs.
Description BRICKFORM Powdered Color is a powdered-based iron oxide pigment designed to color the cement paste in a concrete mixture. It has the finest UV-stable pigments available. The package design reduces the need to stock multiple colors by achieving different intensities of the same color. BRICKFORM Powdered Color is produced to a one-percent tolerance to established plant standards. BRICKFORM Powdered Color complies with ASTM C979, Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete.

BRICKFORM Powdered Color can be used for cast-in-place, pre-cast, and tilt-up concrete, concrete block, pavers, and textured concrete. BRICKFORM Powdered Color is available in 19 standard colors with custom colors available. BRICKFORM Powdered Color is pre-packaged in a two-part system designed to reduce leaks and spills. The exterior paper bag is removed prior to adding to the truck. The plastic interior bag and its contents are then added to the concrete mix where the plastic bag dissolves and the color is dispersed throughout.

Designing with saw-cuts on flatwork can add definition while sandblasting exposes the aggregates, which creates the appearance of different colors. Use BRICKFORM Texture Mats on flatwork to add depth and slip-resistance or combine with BRICKFORM Antique Release to achieve the look of other paving materials such as cobblestones slate or inset brick. After the concrete has been allowed to cure for 28 days, BRICKFORM Powdered Color can be stained, using BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain. In addition the concrete should be sealed with a BRICKFORM Sealer for protection.

* High volume order may require bulk packaging

  •  Dissolvable Interior Plastic Bag
  •  UV-Resistant Color
  •  Mixes Evenly
  •  Meets ASTM C979
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