Freestyle Small-Sized Kit

Description BRICKFORM Freestyle is a new line of concrete stains that penetrates and bonds with concrete surfaces in a way that no other coloring product does. This water-based, opaque stain is excellent for restoring, changing colors on previously colored surfaces, or rejuvenating old, discolored concrete. BRICKFORM Freestyle allows you to create totally new color styles for your decorative concrete work in an environmentally sound, versatile and user-friendly way.

BRICKFORM Freestyle is a penetrating, polymer-modified stain designed to add color and highlighting to cured concrete or overlay surfaces. This unique system comes in two versions; one for solid color and one for translucent color. BRICKFORM Freestyle Solid-Color Stain is opaque, covering the entire surface. BRICKFORM Freestyle Enhancer is translucent and can be used for highlighting. BRICKFORM Freestyle does not react to chemicals in concrete making it consistent and controllable. The stain actually penetrates the surface and forms a breathable finish that requires no sealer.

BRICKFORM Freestyle can be used for unsealed concrete flatwork, concrete block, pavers, and textured concrete. When the application surface is properly cleaned, it will cover discolorations and stains. BRICKFORM Freestyle Stain is available in 40 standard colors with custom colors available upon request. BRICKFORM Freestyle is packaged in large and small kits. A large kit will cover approximately 200-400 square feet and a small kit will cover approximately 45 square feet.

BRICKFORM Freestyle Solid-Color Stain is perfect for use over BRICKFORM Micro-Topping and BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay. BRICKFORM Freestyle Enhancer Stains are designed to use over BRICKFORM Freestyle Solid-Color Stain as a contrasting color to create an antiqued look on textured concrete surfaces. BRICKFORM Freestyle Enhancer Kits can also be used to add contrast or additional colors to areas of relief on textured concrete or to create the look of faux finishes.

  •  Penetrating Solid Or Translucent Color
  •  Sealer is Optional
  •  Dries Quickly
  •  No VOC's
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