Evaporation Retarder

Also available in 5 gallon bucket.
Description BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder is a water-based, liquid film designed to reduce the rate of moisture loss during concrete placement, extending both workability and finishing time. It is a completely safe and odorless membrane that evaporates from the surface several hours after application, not affecting the final cure and concrete strength. BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder can be used to reduce or eliminate plastic shrinkage, cracking and concrete crusting. BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder is formulated to be VOC compliant.

This mono molecular film is ideal for situations where more time is needed either for finishing or applying BRICKFORM Color Hardener and BRICKFORM Antique Release. It can be used in direct sunlight, high winds, low humidity, hot temperatures and interior applications where a heater is used in cold weather. BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder can also be used with concrete mixes requiring super plasticizers, silica fume or low water-to-cement ratios. BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder is packaged in a 1-gallon and a 5-gallon container with a coverage rate of 2000-4000 square feet per 1-gallon. In addition, after 28 days, the concrete should be sealed with a BRICKFORM Sealer for protection.

  •  Reduces Rate Of Moisture Loss
  •  Eliminates Shrinkage & Cracking
  •  Safe & Odorless
  •  Applied With A Sprayer
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Ariel Platinum  Whirlpool Bath Tub 72 x 36
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