Also available in 4 gallon can.
Description BRICKFORM Cem-Coat is an opaque, cementitious color designed to add a solid color to existing unsealed surfaces. When applied to cured concrete or overlay surfaces, it creates a durable surface that will perform better than typical acrylic coatings or paints. It reduces the effects of fungus and is extremely UV-resistant. Also, the ability to layer multiple, colored wash-coats gives BRICKFORM Cem-Coat unsurpassed flexibility in the antiquing of decorative concrete applications.

BRICKFORM Cem-Coat can be used on uncolored, unsealed concrete, used to rejuvenate existing colored concrete or to create an antiqued look on textured surfaces. It is ideal for any application where a brightly colored concrete surface is needed, and when decorative accents are specified. BRICKFORM Cem-Coat is available in 40 standard colors, with custom colors available upon request. Packaged as a two-part mixture, each kit contains equal portions of Part A and Part B. In addition, after 28 days, the concrete should be sealed with a BRICKFORM Sealer for protection.

  • Reduces Effects of Fungus
  •  Simple Two-Part Mixture
  •  UV-Resistant
  •  Creates An Antiqued Look
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