Bay & Bow Windows

Add flare and elegance to your home with Award's specialty shaped Bay & Bow windows. Award's Bays & Bows are made from the 400, 550, 600 & the 700 Series. Our extrusions feature a multi-chambered design to optimize both strength and thermal effici

Bay & Bow Windows


Features & Benefits


  • Multi-chamber design adds strength and thermal efficiency.
  • Micro ingredients added to vinyl to increase resistance to weather ability, color-fastness, impact, and shrinkage.
  • The Bays & Bows are glazed according to the series they are made in. Please reference to each series for more information on glazing.
  • Windows include rain screen principle drainage system.
  • Accommodates a wide range of glass options including, energy efficient Low E/Argon gas filled glass units with the Super Spacer system. Triple pane insulated glass also available.
  • Dual weather-stropping affords maximum protection against air and water infiltration.



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