Kentwood Pellet BBQ, Black

Kentwood Pellet BBQ, Black
Advanced styling has given this appliance a new look for your deck or balcony. A great addition to the backyard kitchen.

Kentwood Pellet BBQ, Black
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Kentwood Black -

Wood Pellet BBQ





  • Heavy double-lined hood: gives better heat retention & allows for all-season cooking
  • 2 cast iron grills, 408 square inch cooking surface
  • Convection cooking: eliminates the need for a rotisserie
  • Heat output 45000 BTUs
  • Auto-igniter for easier startups (no more fluids or gels!)
  • Flavor Guard cooking grate: enhances amount & quality of smoke, eliminates flare-ups
  • Full range temperature control: 200-600 ° F
  • Independent smoke control
  • Engineered top fed auger system for even fuel delivery
  • Front ash drawer/grease pan
  • 2-sided stainless steel shelf
  • Heavy duty casters: move well on any surface, lock into place


  • Height: 48"     Width: 46"     Depth: 30"

Why Buy A Louisiana Grill Barbecue? 




If you are like most people, you crave that REAL WOOD FIRED FLAVOR that Lousiana Grills barbecues offer. Our flavored pellets draw out the flavor, making your meal all the more succulent and savory.
   IT\'S EASY TO WORK WITH! Our high efficiency auto-igniter eliminates the need for fire gels and starter fluids. Anyone in the family can fire up the grill with the push of a button!    \"Kentwood
 NOW WE\'RE COOKING! (CONVECTION  COOKING) Because the air is forced by combustion fan, you can achieve convective cooking with your Louisiana Grill. This eliminates the need for a rotisserie, gives more even cooking temperatures and allows your meat to retain its natural juices.        
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP COUNTS. Our heavy duty construction, manufactured from 12-20 gauge stainless and aluminized steel, will make you see the difference between our top of the line barbecue grills versus the low end models available at such department stores as Walmart, Costco, Zellers and many more.
  • IT\'S THE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONAL BBQ\'ers! Our smallest grills can cook a 20 pound turkey to perfection... Professional chefs from all across the US and Canada enjoy the overall robustness, quality and cooking ability of our grills!
  • WHY JUST \'GRILL\'? With a Louisiana Grill, you can SEAR, BAKE, BARBECUE, SMOKE, ROAST AND GRILL your foods with amazing results.
  • COOK YOUR FOOD MORE EVENLY THAN ON A GAS GRILL. One of the reasons for the popularity of gas grills these days is that they heat up fast and cook even faster. However, no flavor is imparted to your food, and thus you are forced to utilize a myriad of spices and sauces to flavor your dinner. A Louisiana Grill, on the other hand, will give you that REAL WOOD FIRED FLAVOR while eliminating the messy chore of wood chopping. We manufacture FLAVORED WOOD PELLET
  • FUEL in mesquite,hickory, alder and apple flavors.

  • WE LISTEN TO OUR CUSTOMERS. Your feedback is what drives us to improve an already powerful product line. Louisiana Grills barbecues are loaded wi
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