Mirolin - Empire - Tub/Shower 59 x 32

Soaker: KD53L/R - 3-piece knock down sectional tub and shower. Left and right hand fixture. Equipped with "Snap-Fit" system.

Available in: Whirlpool, Jet Air & Combo
Mirolin - Empire - Tub/Shower 59 x 32
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Mirolin - Empire - Tub/Shower


59.5"W X 32"D X 86.25"H     151.3W X 78.8D X 219.2H cm




Soaker: KD53L/R - 3-piece knock down sectional tub and shower. Left and right hand fixture. Equipped with "Snap-Fit" system.


Whirlpool: KD53L/RAW - 3-piece knock down sectional with 6 Pure Stream whirlpool jets, (standard colours) and removable apron. Equipped with "Snap-Fit" system.

More Power!
All Mirolin whirlpool bathtubs have equipped with the latest in whirlpool jet technology to offer a new upgraded whirlpool system. The Pure Stream jets are far superior to the commonly used standard whirlpool jet. Each Pure Stream jet is fully adjustable in both direction and flow. This provides more hydrotherapy to the bather reducing stress and many of the aches and pains associated with our increased activity levels. We offer the Pure Stream jets in white, bone, biscuit, grey, polished chrome, polished brass, and brushed nickel.

 Jet Air: JKD53L/RD - 3-piece knock down sectional system featuring 14 chrome or brass air jets and electronic control. Equipped with "Snap-Fit" system.


Be Caressed!
Surrender yourself to a sense of overall comfort and well-being. Our Jet Air® system offers exceptional therapeutic and pain relieving benefits for a massage designed to relax both the mind and body. Air jets are strategically placed along the side of each bathtub, creating thousands of relaxing air bubbles that caress and stimulate the senses for a massage of pure indulgence. Every Jet Air® system comes complete with a convenient bath-mounted electronic control pad to adjust speed and rate of pulsation ... at your fingertips! Our Jet Air® systems are available standard in polished chrome and also available in all standard colours, polished brass or brushed nickel.


Combo: JD53L/RW - Combination Whirlpool Jet Air 12 air jets and 6 Pure Steam jets (standard colours) and removable apron. whirlpool jets (standard white or chrome).



Why Choose!
Have the best of both... hydrotherapy and air massage together. By combining our Acripulse whirlpool and Jet Air® systems, we have put all the benefits of the jetted systems to work for you. Individually, simultaneously, or alternating the two systems can be combined for the ultimate in bathing enjoyment. Quite simply it's the best system to choose when designing that customized retreat in your new bathroom. Systems come standard in white and polished chrome. Polished brass or brushed nickel are available for an additional charge.


Recommended Door: M39 - Tri-Panel Door



Medallion Collection - 36/42/48" Square
Medallion Collection - 36/42/48
Medallion Collection - Square

Pebble Horizon Sails Raindrop Clear Mirror
M33 SH3 - SH33 alt alt alt alt   alt
M34 S48 - S483 alt alt alt alt   alt
M35 M160 - M360 alt alt alt alt   alt
M36 314836AC alt alt alt alt   alt
M37 326032A alt alt alt alt   alt
M39 KD53L/R alt alt   alt alt alt
M40 SH5LS/RS - SH53LS/RS   alt   alt    
M41 TS5L/R alt alt   alt alt alt
M42 SH3L/R - SH33L/R alt alt   alt   alt
M43 SH4 LS/RS - SH43 LS/RS alt alt   alt   alt
360 60" opening alt alt alt alt   alt
7153-57SA* 2 Panel 876032D         alt  
7465R-45SA* 2 Panel 874835B         alt  
SNA38 ASP38SND   alt        
RF36 ASP36RFP       alt alt