Ashlar Cut Slate

Ashlar Cut Slate23.125'' x 23.125'' (58.74 x 58.74 cm)Red, Yellow, and BlueA naturally laminated stone texture, split along parallel planes, hand-tooled to create a more pronounced chipped, fragmented texture with small, deep joints
Description BRICKFORM Flexible Mats™ are the most popular texturing tools used to create new concrete that resembles many natural materials, at a fraction of the cost. Color-coded to reduce repeats, these quality mats are available in a wide variety of sizes, patterns and textures.
Niao - Natural Stone Vessel - 16.25" in 6 Finishes
Niao - Natural Stone Vessel - 16.25
741.00 USD
Natural Stone Vessels (USA)
Natural Stone Vessels (Canada)
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