Retractable Screen Doors - 11 Colors 3 Sizes Available

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Retractable screen doors allow everything you love about the outdoors into your home without the bugs and dirt you hate. The retractable build makes it compact and the tight weave keeps it stronger than you can imagine.
Retractable Screen Doors - 11 Colors 3 Sizes Available
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Retractable screen doors








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    Retractable screen doors allow everything you love about the outdoors into your home without the bugs and dirt you hate. The retractable build makes it compact and the tight weave keeps it stronger than you can imagine.




The AIRA system is an
industry leader in developing innovative health and safety
• Pet proof screen doors
• Unique “speed reducer ” screen door closing system for
child and pet safety You ’ll never have to worry about your
children or pets getting caught in an AIRA retractable
door screen as it closes.
• Solar-mesh screen for UV ray protection. AIRA offers two
types of solar screen deflecting up to an additional 85%
of ultraviolet radiation.
• Tightly woven screen mesh for enhanced protection
against “noseeums ” and other tiny insects. Whether real
or perceived many people have increasing concerns
about the relentless advance of mosquito-borne West
Nile virus. While no one can guarantee that a bug will
never find a way in, the AIRA standard mesh and tiny bug
screen features are becoming increasing popular among
health and safety conscious consumers.



• Eleven standard colors
• Pull bar caps ribbed for reinforcement
• Housing caps and handle have color-matched plugs
• All fasteners are made from high-grade stainless steel
• Easy-push handle for effortless operation
• Glide rails are engineered for smooth opening &closing
• All nylon parts are UV radiation protected
• Housing end caps sealed to protect internal mechanisms
• Limited Lifetime warranty on all parts



• “No Slam ” gear driven, speed-reducer technology
• Stainable wood grain veneers
• Claw-proof pet mesh screens
• Solar mesh for use as retractable sun screens
• “No-see-um ” tiny insect weave
• Custom color matching
• French door kits
• Security locks and door restrictors
• Over-height and over-width sizes available
• Anodized, gold and bronze sill adapters
• Window screens in many sizes and colors
• Flush mount handles
• Back plate options for select applications




• Fits virtually any opening, including single or double
entry doors, patio doors and sliding doors, French
doors or garage doors
• Retractable screens for boats and RVs too
• Superior design and precision manufacturing
• Durability far exceeds conventional screens
• Protection against disease-bearing and other insects
• Easy operation
• Low maintenance
• Exceptional value for money
• Safely and silently vanishes from sight when not in use
• Maximum visibility and ventilation
• Lifetime warranty on all parts (excluding screen mesh)
• Standard and solar-mesh screen
• Wide choice of colors
• Stays in place year-round

As an ISO-9001:2000-certified company,Eclipse
Technologies ’ manufacturing processes are subject
to the most stringent quality-control measures in the
industry.The company ’s supply chain management
strategy with over 20,000-sq-ft production facility
incorporates state-of-the-art technology that allows
Eclipse Technologies to consistently deliver superior
product quality,market-leading product enhancement
and complete customer satisfaction.



AIRA retractable screen doors and windows
use commercial-grade, powder-coated aluminum for
every door and screen frame. Additional quality is built
into every AIRA with UV-protected nylon components
and strong, yet lightweight screens for enhanced
ventilation and visibility. AIRA is the best-made
retractable door and window screen on the market.


Will the AIRA fit on my existing doors and windows?

Absolutely. AIRA retractable door and window screens
will fit on almost any kind of opening, including French
doors, single-hung doors, sliding-glass doors, in-
swing and out-swing doors, arcadia doors, casement
windows, cabana doors, horizontal roller windows and
picture windows.



Will the AIRA fit on my double French doors?

No problem. AIRA can be installed on French doors
up to 9 feet high and can accommodate various widths.
what is covered by the lifetime guaranty?
The screen and all other AIRA components are
guaranteed to be free of defects for the life of the
product. Your AIRA will never wear, jam or rust. The
screen mesh is not covered for damage caused by
tears due to abuse.



Can the AIRA be used on my boat and RV?

Certainly. Increasing numbers of people are enjoying
the advantages of AIRA retractable door and windows
screens on their various pleasure-crafts. Choosing your screen type
AIRA offers six mesh styles in charcoal or grey to fit your requirements. Aira Screens come standard with specially designed stiffened screen, and 6 optional meshes including privacy screen, window mesh, claw-proof pet-proof screen, solar mesh for UV ray protection and, “No-see-um ” tiny insect mesh that stop tiny flying insects.
• 44 ” Standard and 56 ” Standard
• Tiny Bug Screen (No-see-um mesh to stop flying insects)
• Pet Mesh (claw-proof pet-proof screen)
• Sun Block & Visibility (offers 65%UV protection)
• Max. Sun Block &Privacy (offers up to 85%UV protection)





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