Floriano - Single Handle Kitchen Pull Down Faucet

Floriano: Single Handle Kitchen Pull Down Faucet.

Available in: Chrome and Stainless.

Options Available: Bud Vase, Dispenser, Flange & Strainer, Air Gap & Escutcheon
Floriano - Single Handle Kitchen Pull Down Faucet
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The organic properties of this visionary design allow Floriano to meld with a range of kitchen styles. It features a pull-down two-function wand with ergonomic toggle switch and a unique twist-and-lock mechanism to hold the wand in place.





  • Organic inspiration makes this faucet perfect for both traditional or contemporary kitchens.
  • Two-function pull-down wand offers ergonomic toggle diverter switch for ease of use
  • Simple twist-and-lock mechanism keeps wand in place
  • High-arc spout provides 8.27″ reach, 14.8″ of height for added convenience
  • Soap dispenser perfectly matches the design of the faucet for coordinated kitchen
  • Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty



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    Available Finishes:

    \"Chrome\" \"Brilliance®







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