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Classics....    Colors Available

 *These sample photographs are representations only. The actual color and pattern of your granite countertop will vary from these photographs





Absolute Black


Region of Origin: India

Description: This classic black granite is accented by faint, silver-gold hues that vary in intensity and add immense depth to the piece. This superb, pure black stone has a timeless look that is sure to never go out of style.




Baltic Brown


Region of Origin: Finland

Description: This gorgeous stone is medium-brown overall with khaki, brown and black mineral deposits. It is a fairly consistent stone with a medium pattern composed of circular flecks and a sprinkling of green and amber.



Black Galaxy


Region of Origin: India

Description: One of the most popular black granites in the world, Black Galaxy is a classic, consistent dark black stone. Close inspection reveals that is full of valiant metallic gold and copper snowflakes of color




Black Pearl


Region of Origin: India

Description: This exquisite stone has a dark black overall appearance, with surprising hints of pearl, blacks and silvers. It is a masterpiece that will look classic for a lifetime.




Kashmir White


Region of Origin: India

Description: Waves of soft lavender, grays, garnets and gleaming mica are lost within Kashmir White granite. The light color and subtle veining present in this stone ensure that it will be a classic for many years to come.




Sapphire Blue


Region of Origin: India

Description: Depth and diversity are added to the simple black color of Sapphire Blue as reddish-tan spots and bluish-white particles drizzle over this unpretentious piece.



Tan Brown


Region of Origin: India

Description: Tan Brown is a uniform, minimal, yet awe-inspiring stone. Tans, grays, reds and browns form a kaleidoscope of color that unite to form this modest, yet glamorous stone.



Tropic Brown


Region of Origin: Saudi Arabia

Description: The uniform brown shades of Tropic Brown are intensified by glimmering flakes of mica and obsidian that jump out and beautify this simple, yet alluring stone.



Uba Tuba


Region of Origin: Brazil

Description: A very extravagant piece of stone, Uba Tuba is dark overall with rich, intermediary shades of black and green. Subtle gold veins swirl around the uniform crystals giving this piece a rare, beautiful appearance.




New Venetian Gold


Region of Origin: Brazil

Description: New Venetian Gold is a breathtaking piece of stone that has a consistent, light, honey-golden tone. Subtle veining and movement add to the intensity and small, beautiful amber, white and black flecks complete the masterpiece.






Region of Origin: Brazil

Description: Named for the mix of red wine color tones, Bordeaux has vivid quartz deposits that are dispersed throughout this granite’s rich hues. Random black and smoky-gray quartz veins wind through the stone, adding to its exotic allure.

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