Chalice Bronze Sink - 18 x 15"

Vessel Installation

Overall Size: 18W x 15"D x 4-8"H
Weight: 8.18 KG

Shown in Aged color finish
Chalice Bronze Sink - 18 x 15
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Chalice Bronze (USA)
Chalice Bronze (Canada)
Bronze Sink Finishes
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Chalice Bronze Sink - 18" x 15" 


Overall Size: 18"W x 15"D x  4-8"H

Weight: 8.18 KG

Showen in Aged color finish

1 1/2 " Drain Openings Fit All Standardize "American" drain assemblies
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Patina was made by heat in kiln.

Vessel Installation

* This is a "Custom-Made-To-Order" item, custom terms and conditions apply.
Aged                       Blackened            Golden Bronze       Old Nickel Silver
Installation Drawing

Most standard drain assemblies without overflows will work with our metal sinks.We also include a collar that may be needed to ensure a watertight seal at the drain.The collar is simply placed between the sink & the rubber gasket on the tailpiece.


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