Tarkett - Fiber Floor, Contemp Series - 75mil

Per Square Foot Pricing (12' Width) on Tarkett's Fiber Floor, Contempo Series

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Tarkett - Fiber Floor, Contemp Series - 75mil
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Per Square Foot Pricing (12' Width) on Tarkett® - Fiber Floor® , Contemp Series - (75mil overall thickness)


Available in  12' Widths in a Tritonite® Plus Finish


FiberFloor Layer System          

FiberFloor® Layer System


Introducing the Tarkett®

FiberFloor® Protection System™,

featuring five everyday-life-

resistant layers and more.

 alt    We had this crazy idea that flooring could be smart, practical and beautiful. So we built Tarkett FiberFloor. It stands up to real-life water, moisture, scuffs, scratches and indentations in a warm, comfortable and it-looks-great kind of way. 




Fiber Floor