Pascal Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet

Pascal: Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet

Available in chrome and stainless
Pascal Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet
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Pascal Faucet


Pascal Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet

Designed for the cooking enthusiast, Pascal brings a new level of convenience and safety to the kitchen. A built-in motion sensor provides hands-free functionality, allowing you to activate water flow without touching the faucet, while the touch-sensitive spout and handle with SmartTouch™ technology activates water flow with just a light touch - leading to efficiency of motion during food preparation and clean up.






  • \"Product
    • Introducing a Culinary Revolution for the cooking enthusiast.
    • Innovative and useful features to make the cooking experience more efficient and enjoyable.
    • Hands-free functionality for more efficient food prep and clean-up, also conserves water
    • Touch sensitive spout and handle for efficiency of motion during food prep or clean-up
    • Pull-down two-function spray head with push-button diverter to switch from stream to spray
    • High-arc spout design allows ample clearance for tall pots, pans, etc.
    • Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty


  • \"SmartTouch™
  • \"MagneDock™
  • \"Water-Efficient\"
  • \"Brilliance®

    Available Finishes:

    \"Chrome\" \"Brilliance®




     Pascal Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet w/ Soap Dispenser - Chrome  64901-PC Pascal Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet w/ Soap Dispenser - Stainless  64901-SS
     \"64901-PC\" \"64901-SS\"
     Pascal Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet  - Chrome  64900-PC Pascal Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet - Stainless - 64900-SS
     \"64900-PC\" \"64900-SS\"