COPPER BATHTUBS - 45x36" Japanese Style Bath Tub

COPPER BATHTUBS - Copper 45" X 36"
Japanese Style Bath Tub
Japanese Style Soaking Hand Hammered Copper Bath Tub
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Copper Bathtub (USA)
Copper Bathtub (Canada)

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COPPER BATHTUBS - 45" x 36" Japanese Style Soaking Copper Bath Tub 



Japanese Style Bath Tub

Item #BTR45DB

Japanese Style Soaking Hand Hammered Copper Bath Tub



Outer Dimension: 45" x 36" 
Inner Dimension:   
Drain Size:  
Color: Dark/Brown Patina



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The best way to care for a Premier Copper Products sink or tub is also the simplest.  Use a mild soap and soft cloth when needed.  As a best practice, wipe the sink dry after each use, especially in hard water areas.

To help keep the copper product looking its best, apply a thin coat of wax occasionally.  The wax will help to maintain the luster of the copper and will promote better water runoff.  Premier Copper Products recommends Copper Sink Care Wax, a pure bee’s wax spray-on formula available from local Premier Copper Products dealers.  A simple spray on/wipe off application is recommended once a month.  The Copper Sink Care Wax will help protect the copper surface, will not create a wax buildup, and will dry clear to bring out the true copper color.  Please see the Accessories section for further information.

Should a slightly discolored spot or scratch appear, do not be discouraged and do not take action.  Avoid waxing the sink for a few weeks.  Copper has an endless ability to regenerate the patina surface naturally.  With regular use the copper will regain the patina finish and will once again match the surrounding area.


To prevent discoloration or damage to the finish, avoid acidic substances left in contact with the copper surface.  For example, when cutting acidic fruits such as tomatoes, pineapples or other citruses, let the water run so the fruit juices do not linger on the copper.  Thoroughly rinse the sink after working with acidic substances.  Do not use chemical cleaners or abrasive substances that might remove the patina, and be sure to rinse the sink well should one of these come into contact with the copper.  Do not use vinegar to clean the sink, as it is naturally acidic.

Premier Copper Products are especially easy to care for.  The rolled corner construction and troughed floor promote better drainage and less food traps.  Following the simple steps outlined above, the sink or tub will last a lifetime.

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